Planned Giving at ARCW: An Important Privilege

Your will is a valuable property right that should be exercised. It can help provide for the future security and happiness of those people and organizations you care about most. To make sure your beneficiaries are protected and your assets will be distributed as you want, use the services of a knowledgeable attorney in upgrading or crafting your will.

It’s Still Philanthropy Even If You Benefit from It.

Your wise investments of the past can do so much to help the ever growing number of people confronting AIDS. At the same time and through some planning, your gift can provide actual cash flow back to you. The information you find on this page and its links will give you background information on what are referred to as planned gifts.

What Is A Planned Gift?

A planned gift is a charitable gift you decide on now, but in most instances actually is given at a later date. It is a gift that reflects both your loyal commitment to your loved ones and your belief in the future of ARCW and its impact on our community. With a planned gift you can continue express your support for those living with HIV/AIDS just as you do today. Depending on your situation, planned gifts may add value to your overall financial and estate planning. These powerful gifts have the potential to increase current income, create tax savings or conserve your assets.

How Can I Leave Such A Legacy To ARCW?

If you own property, have life insurance or a retirement account, you have the power to make a planned gift. The easiest way to make such a gift to ARCW is to include a bequest in your will or designate ARCW as the, or one of the beneficiaries of your retirement plan or life insurance policy. Charitable Trusts also may be an option. The right planned gift is one that satisfies both your financial needs and charitable goals. ARCW can work with you and your professional advisor to help you achieve that satisfaction.

How Will ARCW Use My Gift?

Just as you direct donations to ARCW now, you may direct the use of your planned gift in any number of ways to support the important work being done today by ARCW.

ARCW realizes that planned giving requires thoughtful consideration and involves private information. To confidentially discuss any planned giving issue, please contact:

Dan Mueller
Chief Development Officer
800-359-9272 or 414-225-1580


Descriptions of Planned Gifts

  • Bequests
    • The most common type of planned gift, a charitable bequest can easily be included in your original will or added to an already completed will. Whether you choose to leave ARCW a specific asset or a certain amount of money or a percentage of the residual of your estate, please use our full legal name, AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin, Inc.
  • Retirement Plans
    • If you have a retirement plan, you have the power to make a planned gift. Simply indicate that ARCW is the or is a partial beneficiary of your plan. Your financial advisor or Human Resource department can assist you with this. IRA and 401(k) account assets left to charity are not subject to any income tax nor are they part of a taxable estate.
  • Insurance Policies
    • Once a home and college education for dependents are paid for, a life insurance policy may be a low cost gift with tremendous charitable impact. With a simple change on your insurance company’s beneficiary form, you could become the philanthropist you always imagined.
  • Charitable Trusts
    • This is a general term for planned gifts that usually fall under two types of trusts and their names indicate their purpose. A charitable remainder trust supports ARCW only after initial and specific needs of the donor are met. For example, the donor may need to provide financial support for a loved one’s special needs. Once that has been satisfied, ARCW would then receive the “remainder” of the trust. You could think of a charitable lead trust as the opposite. With this planned gift ARCW would be the “lead” beneficiary, receiving its gift upfront and then after a specified time, someone else id the beneficiary, say heirs who were not initially ready to receive the trust’s assets. Charitable trusts have the power to make a substantial gift to the fight against AIDS at the same time they diversify assets, mitigate tax obligations or produce income.


Basic Planned Giving Information

Our Nonprofit Corporate Name and Address:

AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin (ARCW)
820 N. Plankinton Ave
Milwaukee, WI  53203

Our Employer Identification Number:


Sample Language for an Unrestricted Bequest

I give and bequeath to the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin (ARCW), a nonprofit located in Wisconsin (the sum of ____________dollars) or (a specific asset) or (______% of the remainder of my estate) to be used for fulfillment of its general mission.

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