Case Management

Nothing is more important for people with HIV disease than having access to quality health care. For some HIV patients the health care system is so complex that it is difficult to navigate. Adding to this frustration is the complicated system of health insurance and government health programs that provide the benefits that pay for health care.

If you have difficulty getting the health care you need or the financial benefits that are rightfully yours the ARCW case management system will help you.  Our social work case managers have expert knowledge of the health care system. Their top priorities are to help you get enrolled in quality HIV health care and to make sure that your health care benefits are secured.

In addition to helping you secure access to health care, our team of experienced and professional social work case managers will help you receive necessary social services that help ensure your best chance for treatment success.

When you enroll in the ARCW case management system a social work case manager will become your partner in planning the best way for all of your needs to be met. Your case manager will work together with you, your health care providers and others involved in your care so that you have a complete approach to meeting your needs.

The following case management services will help you resolve problems, overcome barriers to treatment and give you the best opportunity for HIV treatment success


  • Comprehensive needs assessment
    • Your social work case manager will meet with you to do a full assessment of your needs including:
      -Medical, dental and behavioral health needs
      -Nutritional, housing, legal and other social service needs
      -Financial needs
      -Your elgibility for government benefits
      -Family and child needs
  • Creation of a care plan
    • Based on the results of your comprehensive needs assessment, the social work case manager will work with you to create a care plan personalized for you.  this plan will address your needs and resolve issues you may have.
  • Enrollment in medical care
    • If you are not enrolled in medical care your social work case manager will provide you with information on the services of the ARCW Medical Center and other medical care providers that are available to you.  Your case manager will coordinate your enrollment as a patient with the provider of your choice.
  • Advocacy for your benefits
    • Our social work case managers will work with you and with benefit providers to secure your benefits from Social Security, Medical Assistance/Medicaid, Medicare, commercial insurers and other benefits that are rightfully yours.
  • Enrollment in other health and social services
    • Based on your comprehensive needs assessment, your social work case manager will work with you to coordinate your enrollment in medical, dental, pharmacy and oral health care and social services at ARCW, the Wisconsin AIDS/HIV Program and other community service providers.
  • Transportation assistance
    • Your social work case manager will coordinate transportation assistance for you to help you get to your health care and social service appointments.
  • Housing and financial assistance
    • ARCW offers financial assistance for health care patients at the ARCW Medical Center and the ARCW Pharmacy and will also provide assistance for patients in greater Wisconsin who access their care from a local provider.  If you are eligible, ARCW will also help provide rent and utility assistance in addition to assistance for health care.
  • Support Groups
    • Client support groups meet on a regular basis around the state. Some have an educational focus, while others allow for peer support on a specific topic. Ask any Case Manager for information on what groups are currently offered.

Patient Testimonials

"The Partnership between Dr. Sosman and his great team at UW, my case manager and dentist at ARCW and their housing transportation and food pantry programs saved my life", said Debbie.

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