Why Choose the ARCW Behavioral Health and Wellness Clinic

Most people living with HIV disease confront mental health challenges that can be difficult to overcome. Sometimes these challenges may be a barrier to successful HIV medical treatment. That is why ARCW believes that medical care and mental health care go hand in hand. If you experience stress, anxiety, depression, addiction or any other mental health challenge here is why you should choose the ARCW Behavioral Health & Wellness Clinic for support.

Overcome Your Mental Health Challenges
Many mental health issues are common among HIV patients yet they can linger on for years reducing the quality of life. With mental health therapy from the ARCW Behavioral Health & Wellness Clinic we can help you overcome these challenges and live a high quality of life. Overcoming mental health issues also removes any behavioral barriers that may interfere with your HIV treatment plan giving you the best opportunity for HIV treatment success.

HIV Experienced Therapists
The mental health therapists at the ARCW Behavioral Health & Wellness Clinic are highly experienced in the HIV issues that HIV patients confront. They are experts in screening and diagnosing the mental health conditions you may have and helping you overcome them. No mental health clinic in Wisconsin has more experience in supporting HIV patients than the ARCW Behavioral Health & Wellness Clinic.

Services with Dignity and Respect
When you enroll at the ARCW Behavioral Health & Wellness Clinic you will always be treated with the dignity and respect that you deserve. Our professional staff is dedicated to your well being and will work with you in a highly supportive environment to meet your needs.

Comprehensive Services
When you choose the ARCW Behavioral Health & Wellness Clinic you will have access to the most comprehensive array of HIV focused behavioral health services in Wisconsin. Psychotherapy, addiction treatment, unique HIV-related groups and wellness programs such as smoking cessation, artistic expression and mindful yoga are just some of the services that are available to help meet your unique needs.

Confidential Services
All the services you receive and all the information you provide at the ARCW Behavioral Health & Wellness Clinic are strictly confidential. Your participation in our behavioral health services will always be held in the strictest of confidence.  Your privacy is always assured.

Financial Help
If you are unemployed, have low income or simply cannot afford the cost of the health care, the ARCW Behavioral Health & Wellness Clinic will provide you with the services you need regardless of your ability to pay. ARCW patients will never be denied the care they need for financial reasons.

The ARCW Behavioral Health & Wellness Clinic provides quality mental health services that are an important compliment to the medical care you receive. 

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"I always thought that HIV would be my biggest worry,” said Melody Rose. “Thankfully ARCW has treated my HIV well, and has helped me fight all of the other challenges of living with HIV.”

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