Prospective Pharmacist Students and Resident Candidates

Resident Pharmacist Program FAQ:

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Student and Resident Experience Statements:

Tia Hintz, PharmD Candidate

Fourth-Year Pharmacy Student

This fully functional community pharmacy offers the chance to get the typical "retail" pharmacy experience while learning a specialty. The ARCW provided an excellent learning experience I would not have received at a typical outpatient pharmacy. The staff is very friendly and helpful which allowed me to become and integral part of the pharmacy team. I had the opportunity to complete a comprehensive review of each patients anti-retroviral compliance and make interventions when needed. With HIV medications constantly improving, it was rewarding to be at the front lines of care ensuring each patient was on the safest and most effective medication regimen.

Karena Creten, PharmD

Pharmacy Resident

Being a PGY-1 Pharmacy Resident at ARCW and actively participating in their Patient Centered Medical Home was an amazing experience. I am so grateful for the opportunities given me and relationships developed here that taught me so much.

As a resident at ARCW I worked as part of the inter-disciplinary care team interacting daily with nurses, case managers, referral specialists, medical doctors, nurse practitioners, dentists, psychologists, counselors, billing specialists, quality analysts, pharmacists, and technicians.  I have never been someplace where the different specialties work more as a team. It was inspiring to be part of this place at work.

As an ambulatory care pharmacist in the medical clinic daily responsibilities include scheduled patient appointments for long term disease state management and supporting physicians for drug information consultations or direct patient consultations. We also review patient profiles prior to scheduled appointments and assessing for medication compliance, appropriateness, and optimization. We have active collaborative practice agreements (CPAs) in anticoagulation and hypertension. In addition, this year my residency project has been adding CPAs for smoking cessation and lung disease management in conjunction with a pulmonologist.
In ARCW’s specialty pharmacy daily responsibilities include patient counseling, assessing quality of prescriptions filled, evaluating patient profiles, training pharmacy students, and working on long-term quality improvement projects. The pharmacy works very closely with the ARCW clinics with easy communication between providers and the pharmacy team. In addition, I learned about ways to help patients through programs such as 340B, ADAP, and patient assistance programs.

At Concordia School of Pharmacy, first semester I helped with Applied Patient Care Lab for P3’s including the vaccination certification.  Second semester’s focus was on the HIV portion of pharmacotherapy III and the Hepatitis portion of pharmacotherapy V. I also helped with the “Serving the Underserved” elective where we discussed barriers to patient care and the benefits of the medical home model when caring for underserved. I participated in the P2E2 educator training which earns you a teaching certificate. It involves seminars, journal clubs, training modules, writing a teaching philosophy and compiling a teaching portfolio.

A typical week:

Mondays – Concordia University Wisconsin – School of Pharmacy
Tuesdays – morning: ARCW medical clinic, afternoon: ARCW specialty pharmacy
Wednesdays - ARCW medical clinic
Thursdays - ARCW medical clinic
Fridays -  ARCW specialty pharmacy

There are not specific blocks in this residency like there are in other traditional residencies, but the year is divided into quarters with a different focus each quarter. There are a list of objectives to accomplish but they are mostly longitudinal. The four big areas are patient care, advancing practice and quality improvement, teaching and learning, and leadership and management.

Amanda Goodall

Fourth-Year Pharmacy Student

Doing a rotation at ARCW allowed me to help serve some amazing patients. I did an ambulatory care rotation here and was able to see how this organization works from the clinic side as well as the pharmacy side. It was a great opportunity to see the full circle of treatment for patients. ARCW is a medical home and pharmacists have a huge role.  In the clinic, I was able to assess patients and help adjust medication therapies for them through the pharmacist-monitored anticoagulation and hypertension management programs. I was fully integrated into the team and felt very valued. In the pharmacy I loved interacting with patients every day and helping them. My great experiences with the patients here has really prepared me for my future as a pharmacist!