ARCW Pharmacy Services

The ARCW Pharmacy is a full service pharmacy that specializes in HIV medications. All of our pharmacists are American Academy of HIV certified experts with many years of experience serving HIV patients. They are dedicated to working with you and your health care provider to make sure that your medication plan is the best for you. 

You will receive a wide range of services from the ARCW Pharmacy to assure that your medication plan is personalized to meet your specific needs.

  • Easy Access to Medications
    • • HIV medications including the newest and most advanced for HIV treatment
      • All other medications to meet all your health care needs
      • Vitamins and nutritional supplements
  • Personal Counseling by Pharmacists
    • • Answers to all your questions about medications
      • Thorough review of all your medications to check for drug interactions
      • Advice on personal strategies for adhereing to your medication plan
      • Consultation with your health care provider on the best medications for you
      • Pillbox program services are available if you want help managing your medications
  • Convenient Service
    • • Conveniently located within the ARCW Medical Centers in Milwaukee and Madison
      • Hassle-free, easy pick up of medications
      • Free and discreet home delivery of your prescriptions anywhere across the United States
      • Easy refills by phone at 414-223-6820 (Milwaukee) or 608-316-8612 (Madison)
      • Email prescribing by your provider for quick submission of your prescriptions
      • Free medication tools available to all patients (This includes keychain pill holders, pillboxes and tablet splitters)
  • Financial Assistance
    • • Complimentary handling of your financial paperwork
      • Direct billing on your behalf to ADAP, Medicare, Medicaid or your private insurance plan
      • Billing specialists who can assist you with accessing copay cards and patient assistance foundation programs

The ARCW Pharmacy was created as an HIV specialty pharmacy to provide you with the expertise and support to help you succeed with your treatment.

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Patient Testimonials

"I always thought that HIV would be my biggest worry,” said Melody Rose. “Thankfully ARCW has treated my HIV well, and has helped me fight all of the other challenges of living with HIV.”

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